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Chess-Themed Games (Chess Memory Match)

A great way to get kids familiar with the elements of chess is to incorporate chess into common activities or other fun games. This can be done as creatively as you'd like. The sky is the limit! Try this fun game with your kids called Chess Memory Match. Read the rules, print out the cards, cut them individually , and have fun!


  1. Have students sit in a group. This needs to be played with at least 2 people.

  2. Shuffle cards in hand

  3. Place cards face up in rows, give students 5 seconds to memorize the spots of cards.

  4. Flip cards over so that they are face down

  5. One student at a time flips cards 2 cards over. If the cards match, that student collects those cards and gets another turn. Large groups should consider bypassing the second- turn rule to avoid one person not getting a turn.

  6. Each matching pair counts as 1 point. The person with the most points win.

  7. If a tie occurs, reset the cards. The first to 2 points wins.

Right-click the cards below and click "Save As" to download

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