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Our Mission
Chess Express seeks to provide an affordable chess service that progresses the minds of underrepresented individuals by connecting chess and life to teach them skills that sharpen the mind and lead to opportunity. Chess Express would like to create a global community of individuals who have a love for chess for its proven ability to enhance cognitive ability, critical thinking skills, confidence, courage, and a sense of pride to be a chess player. All Aboard the Chess Express!

Our Story
Chess Express is simply a continuation in the lineage of dedicated, decorated, and enthusiastic educators from two different schools: Thomas Edison Charter School and Robert Vaux Middle School. Dr. Salome Thomas-El, a dedicated educator who continued the chess program at Vaux to win numerous championships, berthed the lineage. Dr. El brought the same success to Thomas Edison Charter School where he hired Nathan Durant, Thomas Allen, and Demetrius Carrol, his former students, as chess coaches. Nathan Durant and Thomas Allen then coached Thomas Edison Charter School to 2 National Championship wins. One of the Junior coaches and former players of that team was no other than Jayvon Fairman-Davis, the founder of Chess Express Kids and the current coach of Thomas Edison Charter School. Chess Express Kids is continuing that lineage of sharpening the minds of youth, making chess cool, and making it cool to be intelligent!

Community Feedback

“I am excited for all the kids who will get a chance to have this experience. I’m
sure solo learning is fun, but having young homies learn together is proving to be a
a huge hit for us!”

For Frequently Asked Questions

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