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  • What benefits does Chess have on students?
    “Chess improves cognitive capacity, efficiency, and capability. What does this mean? Chess makes your child smarter! In fact,studies have shown that students who play chess have 10% better reading scores than non-chess playing students In addition, chess teaches and enhances leadership attributes such as courage, confidence,decision-making, and more. Please see attached article for more benefits of chess on students.”
  • Do you teach girls?
    “Of course we do! Our goal is the game of chess and its benefits to underrepresented students. With only 15% of licensed chess players being women, we must strive to bridge this gap for girls so they are not deterred from playing the game and being the best they can be.”
  • Do you offer group lessons?
    Yes! Group lessons can be scheduled from the home page or you can contact us at or 302-507-7441
  • Do you have an in-person location?
    Currently, we teach online and travel to schools/homes to teach lessons. However, we will have a designated location in the future. Please follow our Facebook page for more updates

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