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4 Black Women Chess Players for Women’s History

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Chess Express Kids focuses on the success of Underrepresented chess players. That includes women and girls. Rarely does one hear about black people who play chess in the mainstream, and even more rarely are black women mentioned in regards to chess. But, in honor of Women’s History Month and #blackgirl magic, here are 4 Black Women Chess Players!

1. CM (Candidate Master) Rochelle Ballantyne

Born: New York City in 1995

Nationality: American

Title: Candidate Master or Expert

2. WGM (Woman’s Grandmaster) Tuduetso Sabure

Born: Botswana in 1982

Nationality: Botswana

Title: Candidate Master or Expert

3. NM (National Master) Raphaelle Delahaye

Born: France in 1976

Nationality: French

Title: National Master

4. CM (Candidate Master) Darrian Robinson

Born: Brooklyn, New York in 1994

Nationality: American

Title: Candidate Master or Expert

Learn about more of these women and more black chess players by following @chessexpresskids on Instagram!

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