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All Aboard the Chess Express!

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All Aboard the Chess Express


Chess Express Kids! aims to create an engaging, fun, and educational chess service that is affordable to underserved communities. We introduce a new way of teaching critical thinking skills, problem-solving, patience, and other essential skills to students from the safety and coziness of their own homes.

One of our students practicing online

“Mr Davis is like my mentor”

what people are saying!

Chess mother and chess daughter

"My daughter is 8 years old, and she looks forward to her weekly chess lesson with coach Davis!"

One of our shining examples of a succesful student!

“This is Awesome”


At Chess Express Kids, we believe that the way we teach chess is the right way to engage students to optimize their learning. We teach fun chess lessons that encourage students to improve their chess ability and increase their academic and behavioral performance in school.   

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